Design + Technology


A fundamental objective behind The Spring Street Building is to create a timeless urban project through a sustainable approach. The goals of the project seek to maximize green technologies while benefiting the community both in terms of cultural and economic considerations. All buildings have a life span with regard to use, function and architectural style. As a renovation project, The Spring Building takes advantage of the “good bones” of the existing building, much of which are reutilized in the new design.

The use of green technologies such as photovoltaics, geothermal and high efficient mechanical equipment make the building one of the most energy efficient projects in Aspen. Cutting edge information technology systems further enhance the project, setting it apart from other properties in town. The cumulative result of these efforts is a mixed-use building that truly meets the definition of sustainable development. The Spring Building provides tenants and users with a first class experience for doing business in a highly efficient, technologically advanced and healthy environment – an environment that is unmatched by any other in downtown Aspen.